C.A.M.P. (Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing )

Mineral Processing Applications

The Center’s hands-on industrial experience and fully equipped mineral processing laboratory provides CAMP engineers the ability to accommodate large and small scale projects. The Center’s capabilities include process design, modeling, evaluation, and testing in:

Size Fractionation Analysis

Separation of mineral materials based on size and density is the work horse of mineral processing applications. Size fractionation and related precursor operations such as crushing and grinding are all areas in which CAMP can provide efficient means of analysis for you and your company. With our extensive mineral processing lab we have the capability to perform grinding, crushing, pulverization, ball and rod mill processing and many more applications. Following processing we will provide you with detailed results regarding size distribution through standard and advanced analysis techniques, including dry and wet sieve analysis, coulter analysis and much more.

Separation Analysis

The next stage in many mineral processing applications is the separation of desired product from gangue materials. The wide range of applications that can be used to do this, can sometimes overwhelm. CAMP has the means to analyze your material to recommend how to best separate your materials. We have magnetic, electrostatic, heavy media, flotation, and gravity operations inclduing knelson concentration, spiral classifiers, and pressure filtration. All of which can provide valuable insight into your mineral processing applications.

Other Mineral Analysis

Bond Work Indices - A useful means to evaluate process seperation, specifically in relation to a grinding circuit performance.