ASMT (Associated Students of Montana Tech) Committees

Constitution and By-Laws

Committee Members: Parliamentarian Andrea Gonzalez McCord; Senators Liam Ruoff, Maria Burke, Kevin Sabel.


Meeting Time: Sunday evenings, or as needed. Email to be added to the calendar.

Location: ASMT Office (MILL 208)

Goal: The goal of the Constitution and By-Laws committee is to rewrite old legislation and make changes to further enhance the student government.

Food Pantry

Committee Chair: Senator Caleb Ygnatowi

Committee Members: Senators Madison Skeel, Maggee Nielsen, and Taylor Liva.


Meeting Time: Thursday’s at 6:00 p.m. (Before regular Senate meetings)

Location: ASMT Office (MILL 208)

Goal: The Food Pantry Committee’s mission is to alleviate food insecurity for students and provide them with nutritious food. The current goal for the committee is to create a sustainable plan for the food pantry for future semesters.

Campus and Community

Committee Members: Senators Baylie Phillips, Taylor Liva, Maria Burke, Evan Guengerich, Maggee Nielsen, Madison Skeel, Kevin Sabel, and Issac Gilfeather.

Meeting Time: Thursday’s at 8:00 p.m. (After regular Senate meetings)

Location: ASMT Office (MILL 208)

Goal: The Campus and Community committee’s mission is to improve the campus and community of Montana Tech. A big focus of this committee is in the spring called M-Days. This is a weeklong event to give back to our students for all their hard work. This committee also provides mini events around campus to provide entertainment for students.