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Alumni Survey

Montana Tech Alumni Association

Alumni Survey


Last summer, the Alumni Affairs Office began the daunting task of identifying over 4,000 missing e-mail addresses for our alumni in preparation for our first Alumni Attitudinal Survey...

Who are our respondents?


The survey goal was to better understand how our alumni felt about their time on campus, how the campus is viewed in the marketplace, and the directions our alumni would like to see the campus move...

Where do our respondents live?


...We were thrilled with a 19% response rate—a record high rate compared with other colleges and universities serviced by our consultants, Marts and Lundy...

Information Sources


Our Brand


How would you describe Montana Tech?


Where are we headed?


...We thank all those who completed the survey and provided feedback. Your responses will help improve customer service, marketing the campus more effectively, and developing and advancing the campus we love.