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Montana Tech Alumni Association

Congratulations Graduating Class of 2020! Welcome to the Montana Tech Alumni Association!

Although it is not feasible to celebrate with you in person, it does not diminish the pride we feel in welcoming you to the Montana Tech Alumni Association! Please complete this survey and receive a gift in appreciation for the hard work that got you here.


The mission of the Montana Tech Alumni Association is to promote the interests of the College to the alumni, community, state, nation, and world.

The Montana Tech Alumni Association is striving to:  cultivate networking/unity among the graduates of the College foster attachment to our Alma Mater; promote the interest of the College to all; aid and assist the Chancellor and the Administration; encourage, aid, assist, and represent the members of the faculty; interchange/exchange ideas and information on alumni and educational matters; and stimulate individual alumni groups.

The Montana Tech Alumni Association (MTAA) was organized in 1904 as an independent part of the institution for the purpose of promoting the interests of the institution to potential students, alumni, community, state and nation.

Governing Board

Ashton Cummings class=
Ashton Cummings
Student Representative

ASMT, Senator

Todd Dahlman
Todd Dahlman '96
Local Representative — Butte

BS Mining Engineering

Jaclyn Giop
Jaclyn Giop '06
Secretary Treasurer

BS, Business & Information Technology

Karren Helfrich
Karen Helfrich '09 '11
Local Governing Board

BS, Environmental Engineering
MS, Environmental Engineering

Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson '03
Immediate Past President

BS, Professional & Technical Communication

Sarah Lathrop '02
Area Governing Board - Idaho

BS, Professional & Technical Communication

Zach Maassen
Zach Maassen '15
Area Governing Board - Houston

BS, Environmental Engineering

Chris Martina
Chris Martina '07
Area Governing Board - Colorado

BS, Petroleum Engineering

Kerra Melvin
Kerra Melvin '09
Area Representative — Seattle

BS Business and Information Technology

Scott Rosenthal
Scott Rosenthal '92 '11
Faculty Representative

Mining Engineering Department Head
BS, Mining Engineering
MS, Project Engineering Management

Amanda Chow
Amanda Chow '10
Area Governing Board - Calgary

BS, Petroleum Engineering

Jerri Doyle
Jerri Doyle '07
Local Governing Board

AAS, Radiologic Technology

Brian Gollehon
Brian Gollehon '10
2nd Vice President

BS Mechanical Engineering

Bill Henne
Bill Henne '03

BS, Environmental Engineering

Liz Larson
Liz Larson '04 '06
Local Governing Board

BS, Petroleum Engineering
BS, General Engineering

Tami Lester
Tami Lester '98
Local Governing Board

BS, Business & Information Technology

Chance Maes
Chance Maes
Student Representative

ASMT, President

Peggy McCoy
Peggy McCoy '99
Executive Director

BS, Society & Technology

Maggie Peterson
Maggie Peterson '96
1st Vice President

BS, Computer Science/BIS

Joe Sommers
Joe Sommers '74
Area Governing Board

BS, Mineral Dressing; BS, Metallurgical Engineering

Local Governing Board