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Advisor Tools - Current Advisee List

Advisor Tools is a portlet within MyMTech that allows advisors to view a list of advisees and any holds that they have. An email can also be sent to advisees through this program.

Accessing Advisor Tools

My MTech resources link in navigation

To access Advisor Tools, you must first sign into your MyMTech account by going to, or clicking “MYMTECH” at the top of Montana Tech’s Homepage. Once logged in, click “Resources” on the top bar.

Once the Resources page loads, Advisor Tools is (by default) in the top of the center column.

Student Information

Student information screen

On the main screen you should see a list of your advisees, and some general information about them.

The information available here is the student’s name, ID, number of holds, and types of holds. To view a list of hold code types, and what they mean, click the question mark to the left of the “Student Name” column header. If a student has one or more holds, the number and types of holds will turn blue and be clickable.


To view holds, click on the number of holds or types of a specific student.

On this page, you will see a hold description, the hold types, and the date the hold was issued. After you are done reviewing the holds, click “Back to Advisee Holds List” to return to the main page.

Student information screen showing student name, holds and types


From the main page of Advisor Tools, you can send an email to one or more advisees.

To begin, select one or more students with the checkbox next to their name. It is possible to select all of your advisees by using the “Select All” button at the bottom left. Once you have selected your students, click “Send an Email to Selected.

Student information screen showing email buttons

On this page, you can see the names of the advisees you selected and two text boxes. Both Subject and Body are required to send an email. When you send an email, each advisee will be blind carbon copied. No advisee will be able to see the names of your other advisees. To send your email, simply click send. A copy of the email will be mailed to your inbox. To cancel and return to the main page, click cancel.