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The Project Summary Spreadsheet lists all current Physical Facilities projects on the Montana Tech campus. Complete project details and progress reports can be viewed by clicking on "More Data" in the far right column of every project.

Physical Facilities Projects, Updated 3/1/2018
# Banner Building Project Architect/Design Contractor Current Status % Complete More Data
1 BLIGHT Campus Exterior Site Lighting: 17-12 Mike Fussell In Progress 60% More Data Exterior Lighting
2 BSM011 Mine Area UMEC Metal Bldgs. Relocate: Kestle/Dowl Awaiting Approval More Data Metals Building
3 BREEDH Reed House Shingling Roof project 18-09 Rob Smith Bentley Amend-weather More Data Shingling Roof
4 BBPOLE MBMG Metals Building Design 17-16 Kestle/Dowl Markovich More DataMetals Building Design
5 BFSLND Campus Tree Planting Project 18-07 Marchie's More Data Tree Planting