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Career Services

  • 16 Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

    Tuesday, Sept 16th at 4p.m. SUB: Kelley Steward Learn about how to market yourself and what to include on your resume and cover letter

  • 17 Career Services Information Sessions & Interviews

    Montana Tech Career Services presents information sessions and interviews.

  • 18 Career Services Information Sessions & Interviews

    Montana Tech Career Services presents information sessions and interviews.

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    Family of Montana Tech students and Career Services share a common goal - to help students be prepared for and make a sound career decision. The goal of Career Services is to offer advice and services to assist in developing the life skills necessary to develop a career plan. Your input counts when it comes to making career decisions. Career Services has a variety of services designed to help your student make good choices regarding majors and career opportunities.

    Current Student Information

    Prospective Student Information

    Important and Helpful Information for You and Your Montana Tech Student

    Encourage your student to take advantage of Career Services - we have a lot to offer - from choosing a major to finding that full-time job after graduation.

    Promote your student to be proactive in setting and achieving goals. The earlier one chooses a career, the more likely a person will be able to know for sure it is a good fit for them. This long-term planning will assist them in staying on track. It will also raise awareness of factors such as job market demand, salary ranges, long-range opportunities, skills required, etc.

    Support your student to make academics a high priority beginning the first semester of school. College life is challenging, so it is important to allow for an adjustment period. However, one semester with a low GPA, may take several semesters to raise it back up again.

    Advocate your student obtain marketable skills in some of the following areas:

    • Computer Skills (programming, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, email, Internet)
    • Quantitative Skills (accounting, statistics, economics)
    • Communication Skills (writing, public speaking)
    • Marketing (sales, publicity, fund raising)
    • Scientific Skills (lab skills, scientific research, technical writing)
    • Foreign Language (Spanish, Chinese, Russian)
    • Leadership Skills (extra-curricular leadership roles, teamwork, time management, supervisory)

    Get involved! Employers are looking for marketable skills and value participation where your student has held leadership positions. It is more important to be involved in a few meaningful leadership roles on campus than to be a member of all of the clubs and/or organizations. This experience will not only be a resume builder, but also give your student the opportunity to gain some marketable skills.

    Experience through internships and experiential learning. Sometimes, the best way to decide if a particular career will be suitable is to "try it on for size." This is possible through our internship program. Students work at positions related to their major, receive better-than-average pay, and may also qualify for academic credit.

    Planning early should be stressed to your student in the job search process. While it is important for students to enjoy their college experiences to the fullest, it is equally important for them to have some idea of the next step after graduation. Help us to prepare your student. We're here to help, and the sooner we are contacted by your student, the better job we can do of preparing them for life and employment after college. Check out information from our annual Graduate and Internship Surveys.