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Career Fair Top 5

1. Research the companies who are attending. Through DIGGERecruiting, search the companies who are recruiting your major. 
 Practice your Elevator Pitch or 90-second INFOmercial.
3. Make a good 1st impression. Dress professionally! Even companies who are casual still expect that students dress up to meet them.
4. Greet employers with a firm handshake and make good eye contact.
5. Communicate your related skills, strengths and experience with enthusiasm, don’t monopolize the recruiter's time.

At the Fair

Make that Career Fair Count!

First impressions are important and employers are more likely to remember the students who present themselves in a professional manner. Prepare ahead of time what you are going to wear. Make sure that what you want to wear fits and it is comfortable. If you have new shoes, break them in before-hand.  Wrinkles, scuffed shoes, torn pants and missing buttons will give the impression to a recruiter that you are sloppy or lack attention to detail.

Broaden your focus; be open to new ideas and companies. Talk to many different types of employers. Your chances of success go up with each contact you make. Career Fairs are a valuable opportunity to obtain information about unfamiliar employers.

Request company literature/business card and information about any positions they have available now or in the near future. Bring a pen/pencil and paper available to take notes.

Bring extra copies of your resume to leave with employers. Estimate the amount you will need based upon the company list (Coming Soon) of who is attending this year's fair.

Greet employers with a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact. Remember: First Impressions Count!

Indicate any knowledge you have of the organization that you've gained through your research.

Do not monopolize the employer's time. Ask specific questions and offer to follow up after the fair, as appropriate.

Communicate your related interests, skills, strengths and experience with enthusiasm.

Ask questions, but do not ask about salary and benefits until you are being seriously considered as an applicant.

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