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First   Year   Experience   at   Montana   Tech

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program is a focused enrichment experience initiative for new students. Montana Tech strives to enhance programs and activities for all first-year and transfer students through an assortment of campus activities and events. Beginning with registration and orientation, and continuing through the semester with athletic events, campus activities, and off-campus trips, our primary focus is to help students achieve success, enjoy the year, and get the most out of their experience at Montana Tech.



At the start of each academic year, we bring the entire first-year class together for a formal introduction to the university community. Faculty, administration, and upper-level students arrive in full academic regalia to offer students insights into academic culture and the meaning of a university education. (Relax -- first-year students are allowed to attend in casual dress!)

The ceremony features inspiring remarks by one of our most celebrated faculty or students. And, following the Convocation, it will be time to learn more about your academic program, with opportunities to connect with new friends and talk with professors!

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