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Counseling   Services   at   Montana   Tech

Happy, healthy students are productive students! Welcome to Counseling Services at Montana Tech. A variety of services are offered to assist students in their academic and personal success. We provide individual, couples, family, and group counseling for Montana Tech students.


Joyce O'Neill

Joyce O'Neill
North Campus
(406) 496-4429

Cricket Pietsch

Cricket Pietsch
South Campus
(406) 496-3730

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Information contained within this site is not intended to take the place of counseling, nor to aid in crisis or emergency. UIf you need immediate help, please seek professional assistance as soon as possible.


IMPORTANT! Please do NOT use the internet (e-mail or the web) to send confidential information OR to contact us regarding an emergency.

In Case of emergency, call:

  • 911 for the Butte Police Department
  • 723-2500 for St. James Healthcare
  • 494-8341 for Paul Beatty, Dean of Students, OR
  • Go to the EMERGENCY ROOM if necessary!

Legal Information