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Distinguished   Researcher   Awards

The Research Office would like to congratulate this year's recipients of the Montana Tech Distinguished Researcher Awards. The awards were established by action of the Montana Tech Research Advisory Committee. The purpose of the awards is to recognize outstanding contributions to current research and scholarly activity by the faculty and staff of the Montana Tech campus. The program makes annual awards in the amount of $1,000 to members of the Montana Tech faculty and members of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.

Award Criteria

In establishing these awards the Research Advisory Committee set three criteria:

  1. Awardees should be nationally or regionally recognized in their field of research or scholarly activity.
  2. Awardees should have demonstrated a commitment to student involvement in the research enterprise at either the undergraduate or graduate level.
  3. Awardees should have demonstrated their campus leadership in research and scholarly activity.

The Research Advisory Committee issues a call for nominations in the spring of the year to the campus at large. Nominations are evaluated by a sub-committee.

2011 Distinguished Researcher Awards

John LaFave (MBMG)

Dr. Martha Apple

Dr. Bob Ziegler (Lifetime)

2010 Distinguished Researcher Awards

Dr. Gary Icopini (MBMG)

Dr. Xiaobing Zhou

Dr. Rick Douglass

Susan Vuke (MBMG)

Dr. Steve Parker

Dr. Courtney Young

2008 Distinguished Researcher Awards

Dr. Amy Kuenzi

Dr. Dan Trudnowski

Dr. Andrea Stierle (Lifetime)

Tom Patton (MBMG) (Lifetime)

2007 Distinguished Researcher Awards

Dr. Richard P. Donovan
Dr. Larry N. Smith (MBMG)

2006 Distinguished Researcher Awards

Dr. Mary MacLaughlin
Jon Reiten (MBMG)
Robert Bergantino (MBMG) (Lifetime)

2005 Distinguished Researcher Awards

John Wheaton (MBMG)
Corby Anderson
Dick Berg (MBMG) (Lifetime)

2004 Distinguished Researcher Awards

David Lopez (MBMG)
Don Stierle
Wayne Van Voast (MBMG) (Lifetime)
Robert Ziegler (Lifetime)

2003 Distinguished Researcher Awards

Mike Stickney (MBMG)
Kumar Ganesan
Ted Duaime (MBMG) (Lifetime)
Rick Douglass (Lifetime)

2002 Distinguished Researcher Awards

Karen Porter (MBMG)
Marv Miller (MBMG) (Lifetime)
Chris Gammons
Larry Twidwell (Lifetime)