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visual Guidelines

Mission Statement

To meet the changing needs of society by supplying knowledge and education through a strong undergraduate curriculum augmented by research, graduate education and service.

Vision Statement

To be the leader for undergraduate and graduate education and research in the Pacific Northwest in engineering, science, energy, health, information sciences and technology.

Every publication that is produced by constituents of Montana Tech should use the following brand promise and brand attributes as filters of their work. We need to reflect these attributes through the choice of visuals and verbiage in all Montana Tech communications.

Brand Promise

Montana Tech is a challenging institution for hands-on, success-oriented students.

Brand Attributes

  • Real
  • Driven
  • Quality-Focused
  • Personal
  • Affordable

Visual consistency

The intent of this manual is to encourage a consistent visual look in the use of Montana Tech’s name, not to make every publication look the same. These guidelines apply to print, electronic and Web communications.

Units involved in outreach and/or funded through Montana Tech and not legally autonomous must follow these standards. Some situations may arise that aren’t covered in this manual. In this case, please contact the Public Relations Office at (406) 496-4828.

  • Montana Tech’s word mark must be prominent on the front of all published materials.
  • Montana Tech’s word mark must be used in return addresses.
  • The word mark can’t be redrawn or modified in any way. The Public Relations office can provide you the correct sized word mark at no charge.
  • Leave a minimum of 3/16 inch space between the logo and text or illustrations.

university colors

The University’s colors are copper and green. These colors are derived from our history of being the Montana School of Mines and Butte’s rich copper mining history.

For print, we need to use Tech Green (Pantone 357) and Tech Copper (Pantone 876 Metallic Copper) if this isn’t available use (Pantone 7516)

Browser-Safe Web Colors

Because some Web browsers may not be able to accurately reproduce the above colors, the following may be used for Web pages and graphics:

HEX #215530
HEX #925223

Secondary/Complimentary Colors


All letterhead, envelopes and business cards are printed on white paper with Green and Metallic Copper Ink. If you are printing on colored paper you will need to consult with the Public Relations Office 496-4828, to make sure the colors will be accurately reflected.