1st Annual TechEXPO
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Learn about the 60+ degrees and programs we offer. And discover the outstanding enrichment opportunities available to you.


Techxpo   2014   Winners

Congratulations to the 4th Annual Techxpo Winners.


Ryan Hensleigh: Synthesis of Supramolecular Nanoparticle Structures

Biological Sciences

Casey McConnell: Viral Infection of Eukaryotes in the Presence of Nanoparticples

Professional & Technical Communications

Adam Hawks: Creating a Visual Campaign for the Butte Volunteers Firefighters

Highlands College

Booth & Best in Show

Wade Brackett, Sean Leon, Roger Huerta, Andy Epperson, Danielle Dominguez: Fueling the Future with Renewables


Daniel Oberweiser: The Noisy Cricket

Electrical Engineering


Brian Stenerson, Jake Workman, Nick Pollman: Remote Control Golf Cart


Joshua Beisel: Modified Electronic Properties of Nanoscale Polymer Fibers via Nanoparticle Doping with Melt and Solvent Electrospinning

Civil Engineering

Logan Dunlap, Bethany McAuley, Philip Jones, Corey Eisenzimer, Jonathon Craig, Daniel Birlut, Aaron Sessions: A Focused Structural Analysis, Building Inspection, & Potential Upgrades of a Historically Significant Structure

Mining Engineering

Booth (tie)

Trent Mortensen: Montana Tech Mining Team

Scott McCue, Anna Bradley, Patrick Billingsley, Michael Drake: Anderson-Carlisle Technical Society


Samuel Wiley: Optimization of the Quantity of Heated/ Refrigerated Air Required for Ventilating Underground Mines with Ventilation On- Demand Systems

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering


Richard LaDouceur: Wetting & Reactive Air Brazing of BSCF for Oxygen Separation Devices

Frank Asirifi: Beneficiation of Stillwater Complex Rock for the Production of Lunar Simulant

Mechanical Engineering

Booth (tie)

Richard LaDouceur, Tyler Cook: SAMPE Composite Bridge Design

Raylynn Driskell, Krystal Klietz: Classic Sailing - Design of a Gaff Rigged Cutter


Andrew Erickson: Joint Design for Pipe Friction Welding

Computer Science/Software Engineering


Jon Wareham: 3-D Maze Game


Scott Fleener: Development of a MODFLOW Tool to Automate Delineation of Stream Depletion Zones

Geological Engineering

Sara Adams, Katherine Berry, Mariah McCormick: Rock Joint Characterization: Effects of Surface Roughness on Shear Strength

Geophysical Engineering

Bradley Rutherford: Geophysical Evidence for the Tectonic Development of the Swan Range and Adjacent Basins, Northwestern Montana

Environmental Engineering


David Hutchins, Joseph Rowe, Dustin Kaste, Zach Maassen, CJ Kissell: A Versatile Solution for Off-grid Drinking Water Treatment


Chris Atherly, Joshua Abrahamson, Andrew Penamora, Adrianna Lundberg, Shawn Smith: Nanoscale Magnetite Mediated Arsenic Removal from Water

General Engineering


Nathan Hecker, Scott Kelleher, Shane Marble, Marcus Davis, Christine Campbell, John Regan: Baja SAE 2014


Heidi Reid: A Study on the Fluorescent & Magnetic Properties of Nanoapatite Particles Under Externally Applied Magenetic Fields

Petroleum Engineering

Samuel Dembek, Hilary Ramseier, Jacob Merkel, Jordan Waldhauser, Joshua Hyde, Tyson Shriver: An Analysis of a Dry Gas Reservoir by OreDigger Oil

Techxpo   2013   Winners

Congratulations to the 3rd Annual Techxpo Winners.


  • Casey McConnell – “Nanoparticle Enhancement of Viral Infections”


  • Hannah Dysinger – “Exporing How hMutY Glycosylase Homolog Modulates Response to Alkylation Damage in Human Cells”

Civil Engineering:

  • Trent Hansen, Keely Barry-Dion, Joe Hickey, Jake McGinley, Trent Thomas, Logan Ledgerwood, & Dan Heringer – “ASC Bidding Competition, Heavy Civil”

Computer Science/Software Engineering:


  • Jake Jones & John Wareham – “MegaMarine Game Development”
  • Haythem Memmi – “Optimizing Touch Screen Interaction in Mobile Devices for Visually-impaired Users”

Electrical Engineering:

  • Doug Korin, Grant Frazier, Jason Schmutz, & Steve Moodry – “Mobile Bar Stool”

Environmental Engineering:

  • Michelle Boyle, Kyle Loch, & Joseph Mitzel – “Zero Valent Iron Mediated Nitrate Reduction”

Geophysical Department:

  • Michael Beecher – “A Statistical Analysis of Elastic Properties Related to Normalized Production in the Bakken Formation”

General Engineering:

  • Eric Gray, Sierra Briese, Chris Tarrant, William Pratte, Lindsay Kilmer, Chance Wilson, & Cory Faber – “Montana Tech Baja”

Geological Engineering:

  • Shannon Smith, Sara Adams, & Mariah McCormick – “Joint and Solid Material Characterization in Support of Seismic Slope Behavior Modeling”

Highlands College:

  • Breanna Biegler – “Concept Fire Truck”

Liberal Studies:

  • Vincent Siragusa – “Analysis of Variation in Frontal and Temporal Lobe Volumes and Their Relationship to Myopic Refractive Error in Humans

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Angelina Anderson, Jake Banovich, & Jordan Emmert – “The Snow Hog”

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering:

  • Grant Wallace & Sean Dudley – “Leach Optimization And Separation of Rare Earth Elements”

Mining Engineering:

  • The Mining Team

Professional & Technical Communication:

  • Cole Berg – “Community Health Recruitment Video”

Petroleum Engineering:

  • Jackie-Lynn Gibson, Abdulaziz Al Noaimi, Brayden Gilewicz, Mahdi Al Mohsin, Cooper Gulbraa & Aaron Zielsdorf – “Manufacture of Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer from Produced Natural Gas with an Onsite Manufacturing Facility”

Technical Presentation:

Environmental Engineering

  • Michelle Boyle, Kyle Loch, & Joseph Mitzel – “Zero Valent Iron Mediated Nitrate Reduction”