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 Outside Scholarships

Montana Tech periodically receives notification of scholarships from outside agencies. As we are made aware of these scholarships, we will post those scholarships to this site. We receive these notifications throughout the year.  Therefore, we recommend that you check this site often as it is updated regularly. 

The Federal Trade Commision has published consumer information on Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams.  Please make yourself aware of this information.

PEO Chapter X Scholarship Application - Qualifications:  1) woman and 2) plan to pursue or are pursuing a two year vocational program.  No deadline listed.

College Resource Network - Free database with over $800 million in scholarship resources.

Ron Verbeck Montana Tech Matched Education Savings Account (MESA) Program - Helps hardworking students with limited incomes save for college expenses. For every $1 saved, the MT Tech MESA program matches it with $5.  Save up to $500 and you will be eligible for the maximum match of $2,500! 

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities - this site lists multiple scholarships that are available for students with disabilities.  Deadlines vary.

American Welding Society Foundation Scholarships - multiple scholarships available for students majoring in welding engineering.  Deadlines vary.

Bookoo Scholarship - A scholarship program for students pursuing higher education.  Deadline July 1, 2015.

Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship - $10,000 scholarship available to a student who designs the best greeting card.  Deadline February 18, 2015.

Scholarships for Military Children - minimum of one $2000 scholarship awarded at every commissary location.  Deadline February 13, 2015.

The Evergreen GreenPal Scholarship - $2000 paid equally over 4 semesters to recipient who is majoring or minoring in Business, Economics, or Finance.  Deadline February 28, 2015.

CreditRepair.com Scholarship Program - An opportunity for students in the US to be considered for this scholarship.  Deadline February 28, 2015.

3M Personal Safety Division - Three $5000 scholarships to be awarded to graduate students in Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Safety.  Deadline March 8, 2015.

Governor's "Best and Brightest" Scholarship Program - $2000 Merit-At Large Scholarships available.  Deadline March 14, 2015.

Circle of Succe$$ - $1000 Scholarships available to Montana Residents.  Deadline March 1, 2015.

The Annual Stewart J. Guss College Student Scholarship - $1000 scholarship awarded to the winning essay "What Law Would You Change and Why?"  Deadline March 1, 2015.

Powder River Basin Section of Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Scholarship - Short 1 to 2 page application letter.  Awards range from $500 to $2000.  Deadline March 13, 2015.

Montana Food Distributors Association - Applicants should be associated with the Food Industry.  Deadline March 16, 2015.

Society of Petroleum Engineers - Contact the Scholarship Coordinator, Shauna Savage, ssavage@mtech.edu for applications. Deadline March 27, 2015.

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship - $4000 per semester awarded to a student who has dealt with cancer, personally or within their family.  Deadline March 31, 2015.

Pet Plan 2014 Scholarship - $1,000 to top essay on pet health and welfare.  Deadline March 31, 2015.

Desk and Derrick Educational Trust Scholarships - 10 $1500 scholarships available for full-time students and 3 $1000 scholarships available for part-time students.  Students should be seeking degrees in geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, energy management, and nuclear engineering with a 3.2 GPA.  Deadline April 1, 2015.

Nordmeier/Tafoya Scholarship - $1000 awarded to one or more individuals having a permanent disability.  Deadline April 3, 2015.

Gus Archie Scholarship - $6000 per year to recipent pursing a degree in Petroleum Engineering.  Deadline 15, 2015.

Montana CattleWomen, Inc Scholarship - $1000 available to a student from a Montana home who is at least a sophomore attending a Montana university or college.  Deadline April 15, 2015.

A Place for Mom Senior Care Innovation Scholarship - Five $1000 scholarships available to students enrolled in gerontology, medicine, nursing, social work, sociology, psychology, physical or occupational therapy, speech pathology or long-term care administration.  Deadline April 15, 2015.

Sports Unlimited 2014 Scholarship - Write an essay describing a time when you have had to overcome adversity to succeed in a sport for the opportunity to win a $1,000 Scholarship.  Deadline April 20, 2015.

Dr. Alma S. Adams Scholarship for Outreach and Health Communications - Two $5000 scholarships available.  Deadline April 30, 2015.

Iron Security 2015 College Scholarship - $500 for winning blog essay.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

CenturyLink Internet Service Scholarship - $1000 500-800 word blog submission.  Deadline April 24, 2015.

Evolve IP Tech in Schools Scholarship - $1,000 scholarship available to those pursuing a career in technology or computer sciences.  Deadline April 30, 2015.

RE/MAX of New Jersey 2014 Scholarship - one $1,000 scholarship and one $2,000 scholarship to two students who capture the most amazing pieces of New Jersey through your choice of medium.  Deadline April 30, 2015.

Griswold Home Care Scholarship - $1,000 bi-annual scholarship.  Deadline May 1, 2015.

Grand Canyon Section of SME Scholarship - The scholarship amounts and number of scholarships varies from year to year.  Applicants must be full-time in a mining related field such as Mining Engineering, Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Chemistry, etc.  Deadline May 8, 2015.

CounterPath Scholarship - $1,000 to the student who best persuades us that they are most fit to be leaders in the unified communications industry.  Deadline May 15, 2015.

DicksonLawGroup Scholarship - Winner of $1000 chosen froma  pool of video essay applicants on chosen topic.  Deadline May 15, 2015

NAVEX Global Policy and Procedure Management Software Scholarship - $1,000 scholarship to encourage the study of ethics and compliance within organizations.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

Crown & Caliber Entrepreneur's Scholarship -$1,000 scholarship based on entrepreneurial abilities.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

Big Fish Games Scholarship - $5,000 essay contest.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

Sunoco Rewards Scholarships - Two $1,000 scholarships available.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

Rover $1,000 College Scholarship - $1,000 essay and survey.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

AWeber Email Marketing Scholarship - $1,000 scholarship offered to one talented thinker and writer.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

CSC Global Online Brand Protection Scholarship - $1,000 to top essay on online brand protection.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

PicMonkey $1000 Scholarship - $1,000 to top essay and survey.  Deadline May 31, 2015.

CIC Veteran Scholarship - Scholarships range from $250 to $1000 based on a 500+ essay discussing the unique challenges faced as a disabled veteran and how the experience prepared them to overcome the challenges they will see as students.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

2015 The Effect of Grandparents Scholarship - Write a short story on how your grandparent affected your life and why.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

Save Plans $750 College Scholarship - $750 to top essay regarding your worst experience at the dentist office.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

Revzilla Design Scholarship - $1,000 for best new t-shirt design.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

Lamps.com 2014 Scholarship - $1,000 scholarship essay contest on lighting.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

AutoAccessoriesGarage.com College & Automotive Trade School Scholarship - $1,000 award to top essay regarding electric vehicles question.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

Oz Moving & Storage Scholarship - $1,000 essay contest.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

2015 Exede Internet Scholarship: The Future of the Internet - $500 scholarship to help assist students working towards a degree and to increase awareness in internet technologies and connectivity in the US.  Deadline June 1, 2015.

Dry Defender Protect Your Bed Scholarship – Submit the best art piece and win a $1000 scholarship. Deadline June 30, 2015.

Axol Life Science Scholarship - $2000 awarded to a Graduate or Undergraduate pursuing life-science degree.  Deadline June 30, 2015.

Adoptions from the Heart - Educational scholarships are avialble for parents who have placed their child for adoption.  Deadline July 1, 2015.

The Expert Institute - $1000 award, essay required, for a student actively pursuing a degree related to healthcare or the life sciences.  Deadline December 31, 2015.

CompareCards.com - Random drawings for correct trivia submittals.  Deadline Monthly.

The Company Corporation's Quarterly Business Plan Contest - $1,000 to the contestant who submits the most thought-provoking and well-reasoned business plan executive summary.  Deadline ongoing/quarterly.

FastWeb - This is a massive scholarship database with incredible matching technology to assist you in finding scholarships for which you can apply.  Deadline Varies.

StudentScholarships.org - This website is an excellent free resource for students looking for assistance in paying for their education.  Deadline Varies.

College Scholarships and Resources for Women provided by BestColleges.com - Explore scholarships for female students.  Deadlines Vary.

CollegeNET - This is a unique scholarship that's awarded weekly via a scholarship election system. You create a profile and post to topic and video forums up to five times a day. You have the opportunity to vote on other candidate's postings, and they can vote on yours. You receive points for casting and receiving votes. Whoever receives the most points at the end of the election period, wins the scholarship. The scholarships are generally $3,000 - $5,000 per week. Deadline Weekly.