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How   to   Order   an   Official   Academic   Transcript

Academic Transcripts may be ordered in the following ways:

  1. Internet, the most secure way to order a transcript is to use a credit card at the National Student Clearinghouse. The cost is $10.00 per transcript plus a $2.25 processing fee. To ensure confidentiality and to comply with federal regulations, the National Student Clearinghouse will require a faxed signature release form when ordering a transcript. For frequently asked questions regarding the Clearinghouse, please click on the link in their website.
  2. In person, at the Enrollment Services Office, complete the Transcript Request Form provided and make payment by cash, credit card, check or money order in the amount of $10.00 at the Business Office (open 7:30 am - 5 pm).
  3. By mail or fax, by sending the Transcript Request Form to the Enrollment Services Office. The request must be signed.
    • Cost: $10.00 per copy
    • Faxed transcripts:  Additional $3.00 per facsimile transmission
    • Transcripts are generally sent within two business days of receipt of the request.
    • If a transcript is requested to be sent by a method other than first class mail, the student is responsible for and will be billed for the additional charge(s). Call the Enrollment Services Office at (406) 496-4256 to make these special arrangements.
    • If an undergraduate student has not completed a Bachelor’s degree but wishes certification on the transcript that he/she completed the General Education Core at Tech, that request should be indicated on the request for transcript.
    • With the exception of those Montana post-secondary institutions that hold membership in the "Montana Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers" (MACRAO) organization, faxed transcripts are not recognized as official.
    • Official Transcripts will not be released if a student has an unpaid financial obligation to the college or has defaulted on a student loan. Individuals in this situation should contact the Enrollment Processing Office (student loans) at (406) 496-4223 or the Business Office at (406) 496- 4250 for all other financial obligations.
    • Make checks or money orders payable to Montana Tech.
    • Credit card payments must be made to the Business Office prior to the request being processed.
      Contact the Business Office at 496-4250 to make your payment and record the receipt number on the request form.
    • Mailed transcript requests should be sent along with payment to:

      Attn: Transcripts
      Enrollment Services
      Montana Tech of The University of Montana
      1300 West Park Street
      Butte, MT 59701-8997
    • Faxed transcript requests are accepted 24 hours/day at (406) 496-4710.
    • Faxed requests receive the same priority as requests via mail or overnight carrier.
    • Regular turnaround time as noted above applies.
    • Transcripts will not be released until payment is received.

Questions regarding transcripts should be directed to enrollment@mtech.edu.

Availability of On-line transcripts and other UM Campus transcripts:

College of Technology (AAS and Certificate degree seeking) transcripts from FALL 1994 to present are available at the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts prior to Fall 1994 are on hard copies and must requested at the Enrollment Services Office.

Montana Tech (AS, BS, BAS, & MS degree seeking) transcripts from FALL 1989 to present are available at the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts prior to Fall 1989 are on hard copies and must requested at the Enrollment Services Office.

Other UM Units - We are not able to access or view other U of M campus transcripts. Students must request that transcripts from UM-Missoula, UM-Helena, or UM-Western be sent directly to Tech. Those units also are not able to access or view Tech's records.