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Continuing Student Scholarship Application

Priority Deadline February 1st

Please read the following before beginning your application:

  • You will be asked for your student grade status and earned credits.  Because scholarships are awarded for the next academic year (2012-2013), you must enter the grade status and earned credits you will have at the conclusion of the Spring 2012 semester.  For example, if you are completing the scholarship application in November 2011 as a sophomore with 55 credits, and are currently enrolled in 18 credits, and plan to enroll in 15 credits in the spring 2012 semester; then at the conclustion of the spring 2012 semester, you’ll be a junior with 88 credits.  Please use the table below to determine your grade status:


1-29 credits earned


30-59 credits earned


60-89 credits earned


90+ credits earned

If you're a graduate student, you'll just need to select the Graduate Student grade status.


  • You will be asked for your address. Please use your permanent address. There are some scholarships that are awarded to students who are from certain counties and states. The criteria for these scholarship is determined by the address you put on the application.

  • Please note that once you complete the questionnaire, you will be given a list of scholarships for which you may be qualified.  You must click on the “Apply Now” link next to each scholarship and confirm that you meet the criteria for that scholarship.  If you neglect to do this step, you will not be considered for that scholarship.

  • Please keep your username and password handy.  If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be asked to log back into the system to upload your thank you note indicating that you’re accepting the scholarship.

  • While scholarships are being awarded in March/April, they are still contingent upon your spring semester grades.  The Enrollment Processing Office will be conducting an audit after spring grades are posted to ensure that you still meet the criteria for any scholarship you may have been awarded.  If you were awarded a scholarship for which you did not meet criteria after spring grades are posted, that scholarship will be revoked. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Enrollment Processing Office at eprocessing@mtech.edu.

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