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Adding Folders/Files to a Course:

The Files menu is located in a course's Administration block. Depending upon roles, it is a place to upload files and find Moodle created files such as backup(s) of the course. The files area can contain PDFs, HTML, Multimedia, word processing, presentations or any digital content for inclusion in an activity, resource, course section, link or a direct download.

The files link shows a list of files and folders, depending upon the viewer's role. The list will contain the name, size, last time modified and potential action(s) to modify that item.

Step 1: To add a folder to your course, choose Files under the Administration block options, located on the left hand side of your screen.


Step 2: Once you've selected the Files option, you are brought to a screen that allows you to Make a folder or Upload a file.


Step 3: The Make a folder option allows you to create your own names.


Step 4: You can also Upload a File.


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