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Converting Videos to H.264 mp4s with Handbrake

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Handbrake is a program to change the format of your videos and can be used to reduce the file size to make it easier to distribute. By using Handbrake you can make it easier for students to stream or download your videos. This can also be used to shrink a video to fit the media server.

If you do not have Handbrake on your computer you can download it  free.

Step 1: After opening Handbrake you should get a screen similar to this. Click on the Source button in the top right to select your video.

Click source in the top right of the page.

Step 2: After clicking source you will get a screen asking you to pick a folder or file. Click on the option for opening a file.

select file on the left side

Step 3: After opening the source file make sure to hit browse and set the name and location you would like to save the new file that will be created.

Select Browse on the right side of the screen.

Step 4: After setting where you are going to save your file you will want to set the scaling size. Depending on what the source size above the width and height boxes you will want to set the size slightly differently.

1440x1080: Set the width to 960.

1920x1080: Set the width to 1280.

Other sizes try to match the width (first number) so that the height will be 720. Do not set the width larger than the source’s as this will cause the video to stretch. If you cannot find a good size or the video is smaller, then leave the size alone.

Change the Width and Height on the left middle of the screen to the appropriate size.

Step 5: Verify that the settings under the filter tab match those shown below. You will only likely have to change the deinterlace setting.
They are as follows
Detelecine: off
Deinterlace: Deinterlace
Denoise: off
Deblock: all the way to the left (off)
                 Not Grayscale

make the filters are set to the apropriate settings.

Step 6: Change the settings under the Video tab to match the ones shown in the next picture. If you started with the default settings you will likely only have to change the “x264 Preset” slider to show “Very slow” to the right of it. 


Step 7: After these settings have been applied, you should be ready to start converting the video. Press start in the top left to have Handbrake start converting the video. This may take some time, but Handbrake will give you an estimated time in the bottom status bar next to the progress bar that will appear after hitting start.

Hit the start button at the top left of the screen.

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