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Converting Videos to H.264 mp4s with VLC

PDF Here

If VLC isn't working or your videos are still too large try Handbrake.

Step 1: Open VLC and select the “Convert / Save” option from the Media menu


Step 2: Select your file from your hard drive

Add Open

Step 3: Select “Convert / Save”

Select Convert

Step 4: Select a destination and filename.

Browse Save

Step 5: Select the Profile “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” and choose the “Edit select profile”  button.

Selected edit profile

Step 6: Choose the “Video Codec” tab and the “Resolution” sub tab.Here you can adjust the scale if needed. A scale of 1 is no change in size, 2 would be double the size and .5 would be half of the original size.

Video Codec

Step 7: Select the “Audio Codec” tab. Check the “Keep original audio track” box.This setting worked when converting an mp4 to an H.264 web mp4 and was needed to make the audio work.You may need to uncheck this box if you are converting some other file type to an mp4.

Audio Codec

Step 8: Save the changes you just made in Step 7 and Step 6.
Step 9: Choose Start.
The video will now start converting.This may take a significant amount of time.
VLC must remain open for the whole process.It is normal to only see the VLC logo; no video will be displayed,the progress bar at the bottom should be moving.


Progress Bar
When the progress bar is at the end your file should be saved to the folder and name you chose in Step 4

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