Main Page in Moodle:

Main Course Page Below the navigation bar are three columns. The far-left and far-right columns contain tool blocks, while the center column contains your course content and activities.

Moodle Main Page Screenshot

  • Your course main screen will have the following blocks as a default
  • Courses Available To You – Lists the courses available to you in a hierarchy format.

    Course Menu – Provides navigation between course sections/weeks. Each link takes you directly to that course section (hiding all other sections).

    Announcements – Works like the “Latest News” block.


    Latest News – Lists the latest items added to the News forum, such as important news stories that pertain to the subject you’re teaching.

    Upcoming Events – Lists events you’ve created in the calendar, such as exams and holidays, together with assignments and quiz deadlines. Future events are summarized in a list.

    Recent Activity – Lists recent course activity, such as forum postings, uploads, assignment submissions and when the user last accessed the course.

    Administration – Available to teachers of the course. Students see profile & grades only. This block allows you to manage course settings, student & teacher enrollments and their groups, view the course grade book, create custom grading scales and access the teacher forum.

    Additional Blocks

All course administration is done through the Administration Block. You may only access this area if your role in the course is an instructor, teaching assistant, grader or a system administrator.

In order to do any course administration you must first Turn editing on (upper right hand corner). Once that is done, you need to add the Administration Block (if its not already there) .

The first thing you will need to do once you've added the Administration Block is edit your profile. Your profile is linked from your name in the upper right hand corner of your course page. Click on your name to access your profile (upper right hand corner) or select the Profile option under the Administration Block.

 Moodle Main Page           Moodle Main Page Admin. Block

To make changes to your profile, click on the Edit profile tab.

Basic Setup:

Your profile contains both required and optional fields. Required fields, which are marked with a red, include your name, email address, and location.

Optional but strongly recommended items include description (a short bio) and image. You may also include a picture of yourself. This is encouraged! Upload a picture by clicking on Browse, locating the picture file on your computer, then clicking on Open. 

If you upload a photo and then decide to change it, you must first delete the existing profile photo (mark the checkbox next to the photo), save the changes, then go back in to your profile to select a new photo.

can also customize a number of settings that will help make your use of Moodle more productive. To see all of the settings, click on the "
Show Advanced" button.

Moodle Main Page Profile

Email format:

You can choose to have emails sent from Moodle in Plain text format or Pretty HTML format. HTML format will include images and the Moodle color scheme in emails, but will be slightly larger in size.

Forum auto ‐ subscribe: If you select yes for this it will mean that when you post a message to a forum, you will be subscribed to that forum and receive email copies of all messages for that forum. You may unsubscribe from forums if you wish as well.  

Email digest type: You may choose to receive all emails from Moodle in one daily message. There is also the option to receive either the complete message or just the Subjects from forums you subscribe to.  

Forum tracking: This is a useful option to enable. If it is enabled on your Moodle site it will highlight unread forum messages so you can easily see what is new.

Once you are done making changes, click on "Update profile" to leave this page.


Need more help? Contact the Campus Technology Services Help Desk at 406.496.4244 or by email at CTShelpdesk@mtech.edu.