Edit Icons:

Once you add an item to the site hompage, you will be able to move it to the desired location or modify its appearance by using the control icons explained below.

edit Icons

         edit Edit – Update settings for the Resource or Activity. The settings page can also be accessed by clicking on the link to the resource or activity, then clicking the Update button in the upper right hand corner.
eye Hide – An open eye indicates that an item is visible to students. Clicking on the icon will hide the items.
lid Show – If any of your items are hidden, you may unhide them by clicking on this icon.
x This icon deletes resources and activities (with a warning), where as it only removes blocks, which can be added at any time later (except HTML block).
over Move to the right or move to the left.
arrows Also known as AJAX – works as a drop and drag feature. Used to move blocks or content around.
questions Allows you access to help files in moodlerooms.
bulb This icon will allow you to highlight the current topic, if your site uses the Topic layout (weeks are highlighted automatically).
groupsgroup Some activities can be done in groups. This icon represents what kind of group mode is currently set for the activity: No groups/Visible groups/Separate groups. Group mode can be also controlled on the Settings page for the individual resource or activity (under Common module settings: Group mode).
group Forums activities can contribute significantly to successful communication and community building in an online environment. You can use forums for many innovative purposes in educational settings, but teaching forums and student forums are arguably the two more significant distinctions.
icon This icon will allow you to view only one section (topic or week) at a time. If you choose to collapse, the “jump to” dropdown menu will appear on the bottom of the course homepage. Note that this is an individual setting, and each user had to set it on his/her own.
website Denotes a link to a website.
quiz Denotes a Quiz.
assignments Denotes an Assignment.
glossary Denotes a Glossary.


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