Moodle compared to Blackboard:

Moodle 1.9
Notes on Differences
Staff Information Profile Your Profile is your personal homepage in Moodle. Add a picture, track discussions and see reports on the latest activity.
Roster Participants View personal information on the students in your course, including pictures and when they last accessed the course.
Edit View Turn Editing On Most administrative functions are available in this mode. Add or delete content and activities and reorganize materials.
Add Item Resources Resources are the content of the course. They can be documents or images, external files uploaded to the course or web pages that open within Moodle.
n/a Activities Activities provide interaction. For example, you can add discussions, assignments, wikis and an assortment of other activities.
Discussion Board Forums Discussions take place within the Forums. Students have 30 minutes after posting to edit comments.
Tests Quizzes Tests are called quizzes in Moodle. There are a number of formats that may be used including several ones with scientific formulas.
Gradebook Grades and/or Gradebook All activities automatically appear in the Grades. Grades can also be managed manually. These can be accessed in the administrative block as well as the course menu block.
Control Panel Administration The administration panel can be seen on the entry page. You can backup and restore your course from this location.
Calendar/Announcements Calendar/Announcements

Calendar & Announcements are 'blocks' in Moodle that you must add. They will display on the main page.


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