Alternate Mail Providers:

Why can't I use an existing email address?

Many Montana Tech administrative offices, departments and instructors now assume that All Tech students are actively checking their Montana Tech mailboxes. Therefore, some communications are sent only to the student E-Mail addresses and no longer via other methods (i.e. paper copy).

If you wish to use another mail service provider (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc), you will need to configure the provider to check your Tech E-Mail account using POP3.

When configuring your provider to check your account, you will need the following settings. 

  • POP3 Server: popmail.mtech.edu
  • Port: 995
  • Use SSL: Yes

The method of doing this is specific to each provider.
Check your E-Mail provider's documentation for instructions on checking another account using POP3.

Click here to see an example of How to 'POP' G-Mail.