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Online Course Evaluations:

Instructors: Instructors can enroll their classes in online course evaluations by visiting This feature is available starting 20 calendar days after the start of the semester and closes 4 calendar weeks before the last day of finals.


Viewing Evaluations:

Faculty Main

  • On this screen the semester and group by fields are defaulted as shown above. The year field will only accept a valid year.
  • Submitting this form gives you a list of courses that you have access too.

Course Menu

  • (Only courses with surveys that are available are listed.)
  • Selecting the course from the drop down box and pressing submit, displays all surveys for that course and year. The titles in orange indicate it is an official or final survey for the course.

Display Survey

The user can then choose:

  • Another course via the menu above.
  • 'Change Options' to go back to the main faculty menu and start over.
  • 'Control Panel' takes you to the menu to add or maintain a survey.
  • Logout

Control Panel Menu

Creating Survey:

To create your own survey you will find a link on the control panel called 'Manage Evaluations'.

The manage evaluations menu will only show those surveys that you have control over. If you are a department head, all department courses will be listed. If you are an instructor you will only see courses that you are teaching.

On the next step instructors may choose to create their own survey. This survey is called a Supplemental (Ad Hoc). School deans will have an option for a master Department survey.

Create Survey Main


After selecting survey type, you must specify a title for the survey. A description for the survey is optional.

The Add Button button appears on this screen to allow you to add a new question to the survey.

Add New Question

After you have completed adding questions click the 'Save and Continue' button.

If Multiple Chouse or Multiple Answer questions exist in a survey, the following screen appears next:

Add Answer MAMC


Again the Add Button appears to add answer text to the questions.

Answers are assigned point value.

Wt Avg Points is the weight that will assigned to each answer - usually 0-5 for a normal survey.

  • (i.e. Strongly Agree - 5 pts; Not Applicable - 0 pts)

Add/Delete Answer


To deploy your survey - Select Semester, Type in Year, Click 'Add Courses'

Deploy Begin

  • Instructors creating surveys can add their courses.
  • Department Heads/ Deans can add courses within the areas they are in charge of.

DeployCRS Admin

 Instructors: If you wish to have the official master survey deployed for your students to take online - please E-Mail our Campus Technology Services Help Desk with your course CRN.

  • Instructors CANNOT deploy surveys themselves. Our Campus Technology Services Help Desk will deploy the campus survey in your course upon request.

Saving Evaluation Results to an Excel File:

Course Evaluations can be saved by clicking the Excel icon microsoft excel icon located in the top left corner of the survey in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

Online Evals Excel1

CautionOnce a Survey has been taken it cannot be removed or modifiedCaution

Need more help? If you still have problems, contact the CTS Help Desk.