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Career Services Workshops and Meet-Ups

Workshop Series

Career Services offers a variety of workshops and meet-ups to help students with career-related questions. Whether you’re exploring majors or learning how to find the perfect job, Career Services workshops and meet-ups cover everything you need to know to have a successful career.

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DIGGERecruiting 2.0

This workshop is designed for students who don't have a DIGGERecruiting account and want to learn about DIGGERecruiting. Students who already have an account and are looking for a refresher course are also welcome. Learn how to:

  • Create your profile
  • View jobs
  • Find out who is recruiting for your major at the Career Fair
  • Register for career-related events

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Resume and Cover Letters

Is your resume not working for you? Attend the Resumes and Cover Letters workshop to polish up your resume and learn how to effectively highlight your skills and experience.

The workshop also includes basics about how to market yourself and what to include in your resume and cover letters.

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Interviewing Strategies and Tips

Get ready to start your job search by polishing up your interview skills and finding out what to expect from the interview process. This workshop covers interview basics and how to interview successfully.

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Making the Most of the Career Fair

There is a career fair on campus each semester. Get ready for the Fall and Spring Career Fairs. We'll discuss the basics. Learn how to:

  • Target your resume
  • Prepare a one-minute commercial about yourself
  • Develop networking skills
  • Follow up with employers
  • Meet with recruiters
  • Search for a job at the Career Fair

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Job Search Strategies and Social Media

Do not miss this workshop. Learn how to start and conduct a successful job search. This workshop covers:

  • Different job search methods
  • How to be proactive in your job search
  • Developing interpersonal skills

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Internship Bootcamp

Based on feedback from internship supervisors and student intern experiences, Career Services offers “How To” Internship Bootcamp workshops for summer jobs/internships on various days & times each semester. The brief (30 minute + Q & A session) workshop will help students get ready for the world of work.  The workshop also includes:

  • Importance of reporting internships
  • Preparing for the job
  • How to register for internship credit
  • Questions to ask HR and your supervisor
  • What to wear
  • How to find housing
  • DON’T GET FIRED! and more... 

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