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Career Services

  • 3 Career Services Workshop

    Montana Tech Career Services presents "Interview Tips & Strategies" in Big Butte Room @4pm

  • 4 Career Services Workshop

    Montana Tech Career Services presents "Make the Most of the Career Fair" in Big Butte Room @4pm

  • 11 7th Annual CareerSmart Fair

    The 7th Annual CareerSmart Fair will be held in the SUB from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

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    Etiquette CollageAccording to the dictionary or Wikipedia, etiquette is the form or code of behavior prescribed by custom or authority that delineates expectations for social, official or professional life according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class or group.

    Upcoming Etiquette Dinner

    No Jobs for Slobs!

    Ensure you are ready for ANY interview situation – including those held over dinner.  Attend the Etiquette Dinner sponsored by Montana Tech Dining Services and Career Services.   For a $5.00 fee enjoy a 5-course dinner and many helpful hints from Dining Services Director, Alan Couture.  


    Etiquette and Dining

    Click here to view formal and informal place settings.

    In today's workplace, business is often conducted over a meal. Whether it is at home or in a restaurant, it is essential to completely understand how to conduct oneself in a professional manner. Etiquette is the combination of respect, manners and good behavior.

    Good manners may give you an edge over another candidate in the interview. Through a dining experience, an employer can observe candidates in a more relaxed environment to evaluate their social skills. Be Ready!

    Additional Resources

    Books available in the Career Services library