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Career Videos

Career Services has invested in Career Videos to assist in your career development. Below are links to the videos and a brief description of the content. After viewing the video(s), please use a Rate Videos link below to share your feedback.

Career Videos

Check out the CareerSpot videos.  They have an amazing assortment of videos on the subjects of career, internships and job search!

7 Secrets to the Hidden Job Market Don Asher, 2009. 52:27 mins. Rate this video.

LINKED IN OR LEFT OUT: How to Go Pro with Your Social Media Skills Jenny DeVaughn, 2011. 30:16 mins. Rate this video.

Job Bound Career Videos

The videos below were purchased for use by Montana Tech Career Services. The length of each video is approximately 4 minutes. All rights reserved. JOBBOUND 2008.

Preparing for a Career Fair
So many companies, so little time to make a lasting impression. In three minutes, students learn how to successfully navigate a career fair and make the most out of their company interactions. Rate this video.

Five Student Resume No No’s
We’ve all seen it! Students make the same mistakes time and time again. This interactive video warns students against the five resume red flags, and it guides them towards creating a resume that gets results. Rate this video.

Inside the Mind of the Interviewer
The terror-inducing, fright-provoking job interview! Students often consider an interview as a “battle of wits” with the Recruiting Director. Fortunately, this video debunks the myth of the evil Recruiting Director and shows students how to enter an interview relaxed, prepared, and confident. Rate this video.

Networking Your Way to a Job
Students are advised time and time again to network, yet they simply don’t do it. The main reasons are that they are intimidated, and they are not entirely sure what to do. In this power-packed video, students learn a step-by-step plan to network that strips out all the fear and uncertainty. Rate this video.

Answering the Salary Question
We all know that our students are priceless, but how much does a company think they are worth? One of the most difficult questions to answer is: “What are your salary expectations?” Through real interview scenarios, this video shows exactly how a student should approach the sticky salary question. Rate this video.

How Facebook Can Crash Your Career
What you do and say online is searchable, and it's available to anyone worldwide. Through real-life examples, students learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls that are sinking careers across the country. Rate this video.

The Cover Letter: A Teaser Ad for Your Resume
A cover letter should be a teaser advertisement for the resume, so why do 95% of them say the exact, same thing? In this fast-paced lesson, students learn what's wrong with the "typical" cover letter and how to write a short, catchy letter that works. Rate this video.

Making the Most Out of Your Internship
A student's performance in an internship can greatly effect their chances of landing a full-time job. In three minutes, students get the scoop on internship success - everything from attitude and initiative to professional correspondence and appropriate attire. Rate this video.