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Career Services

  • 23 TREAT MEET & GREET ON THE STREET (For Liberal Studies Students)

    Come out to the street in front of Main Hall to have some treats, meet, greet, and chat with faculty, staff and students in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Department (Liberal Studies) and to learn about all of the activities and events planned for the upcoming year.

  • 24 Oredigger Days

    The Montana Tech Orediggers will be having Oredigger Days on Thursday August 24 in HPER practice field.

  • 24 Music on Main Montana Tech Night

    Come to Main Street by the M&M and NorthWestern Energy on Thursday August 24 at 5 p.m. and enjoy music performance by Shane Cox, magician and The Jiggawatts. 5518 Designs will be selling Montana Tech licensed gear.

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    Career Fair Top Tips

    • Check out the list of companies attending the Career Fair, and research those companies.
    • Practice your Elevator Pitch and Your INFOmercial.
    • Make a good first impression by dressing professionally. Even more casual companies expect students to dress up. Check out the Dress for Success for additional tips.
    • Greet employers with a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact. First impressions count!
    • Communicate your skills, strengths, and relevant experience with enthusiasm. Know what employers look for in the successful candidate
    • Be open to new companies and ideas. The more employers you talk to, the better your chances of success.
    • Ask for any company information, job information, and business cards. Bring a pen or pencil and paper so you can take notes.
    • Bring extra copies of your resume to leave with employers. Estimate the amount you will need based on the list of who is attending this year's fair and recruiting for your major.
    • Be sure to research as many companies as you can and indicate any knowledge you have of an organization.
    • Do not monopolize the employer's time. Ask specific questions and offer to follow up after the fair.
    • Do not ask about salary and benefits until you are being seriously considered for the position. Do your homework and ask tough questions!
    • Have fun!

    For a complete guide to Career Fair preparation, please see “Make the Most of a Career Fair.”

    For other questions about the Career Fair or anything else career-related, please contact Career Services directly at (406) 496-4140, or stop by University Relations Center (URC) 109.