How To Apply


The transfer credit evaluation process begins with the successful submission of a completed transfer student application or a Transmittal of Application Materials from a Montana University System (MUS) school. Montana Tech requires all new transfer students to submit a completed admissions file, including official transcripts from previously attended schools, at least one month before the start of classes. For students applying after the one month deadline, we cannot guarantee completion of your evaluation prior to the first day of class. Once a completed application is on file, a Montana Tech Transcript Evaluator will review your transcripts and determine which credits will transfer in to your chosen degree program. For transfer students that complete their admissions file at least one month before the start of classes, the following timeline will be followed:

  • Within 5 working days of receiving your transfer student application, you will be sent notification that your application has been received as well as information regarding any additional materials needed to complete your file.

  • Within 10 working days of your admission file being completed, your transcripts will be reviewed to determine what credits will transfer from all institutions you've attended and you will be notified in writing about the number of credits accepted, the use of those credits in satisfying the general education requirements in your program of study, and the process for reviewing the transfer classes for possible use in the your major, minor, option, or certificate.

Montana University System Transfer Students

If you are currently attending a college in the Montana University System (MUS) and wish to transfer to Montana Tech, you can request to have your academic file transferred to Montana Tech by completing a Request for Transmittal of Application Materials form and submitting it to your current college’s admissions/enrollment office. This service allows your current college to share all of the required admission materials they have on file with Montana Tech and alleviates you from having to find each of the required materials individually. There is an $8.00 charge for this service which must be paid to the college from which you are transferring.

As required by the Montana University System Board of Regents, Montana Tech adheres to the MUS transfer credit policy, including common-course numbering, and ensures that equivalent courses taken at different MUS campuses with the same title, number, and prefix will be accepted in transfer as if they had been taken on Montana Tech’s campus. This policy makes it easy to know which courses taken at one campus have equivalents at other campuses, and thus which courses will transfer without the need for further transcript review; see the Common Course Equivalency Guide to identify which of the courses you've taken will transfer to Montana Tech.