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If you will be a freshman when you arrive on campus, meaning you are under the age of 21 and have never attended a college or university, you will be required to live in the dormitories your first year. Living on campus is a great way to meet your fellow Montana Tech students in a supportive and safe environment that promotes student success. The dormitories are on campus and just across the street from your class rooms and dining halls. The dormitories are co-ed, but male and female students will be in split halls and have separated lavatories.

Most freshman students live in a room with an assigned roommate and share a large washroom with the other people who live in the hall. This type of dormitory is called a Double. Some students are granted a Single room, where they will not have a roommate, but share the hall lavatory. Other students request to live in a Suite Double, which means you will have a roommate, but you will only share the lavatory with your roommate. There is one other type of room available called a Suite Single. If you are granted this type of room, you will not have a roommate and you will have your own lavatory. Although you can request a preferred room type, your request is not guaranteed as we have limited Singles and Suites available. Students will be granted room requests with priority going to those applicants to submit the residence life application early.

2016-2017 Room Rates

The following room rates are in effect for the 2016-2017 school year:

Room Type Rate per Semester Rate per Year
Double $ 1,903 $ 3,806
Single $ 2,151 $ 4,302
Suite Double $ 2,148 $ 4,296
Suite Single $ 2,377 $ 4,754

All residents will also be charged a Network Access Fee or $86/semester and a Program Social Fee or $10/semester.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are required for all students living on campus; however, plans are available for students who live off Campus as well. For more information on Dining Services visit their webpage at

Prices for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Marcus Deli
Everyday $2,477.00 $66.50 17
Weekday $2,335.00 $55.00 14
Upperclass $1,576.00   11
Digger Dollars* pay as you go

*Only available to students living off-campus

You must fill out a separate application to live in the dormitories. Visit the Centennial and Prospector websites to learn more about what to expect when you arrive on campus and then submit the application for residence life. The application for residence life is not the same as the application for admission and there is a $100 deposit required when you apply. If you have special dietary or religious needs, please request those when you apply for the dormitories and the Montana Tech staff will do the best they can to accommodate special requests.

Transfer students and students over the age of 21 may request to live on campus, but that request is not guaranteed because freshman will be housed first. Students who are married or have children may request to live in Tech’s apartment complex, which is just under one mile (1.6 Kilometers) from campus. The apartments have readily available parking if you will have a car and are also serviced by the local public transport. They are within easy walking distance of a grade school if you will be bringing children with you while you study at Montana Tech. Please follow this link to learn more about the apartments. To request an apartment, you must submit an application and $100 deposit.

Most international students who are not considered freshman choose to live off campus. Butte is a very safe community and the apartments are affordable. There are many apartments within walking distance and easy driving distance of Montana Tech. However, Montana Tech does not have services to help you to find an apartment, so you will need to make those arrangements. We can give you advice on websites or property managers with whom you should visit.

Although Montana Tech does not have host families, when you come to Montana Tech you will be welcomed as part of the Montana Tech family and we will help you meet people and immerse yourself in Montana Tech and the local Butte community. This is a small school with just under 3000 students in a community of 34000 residents. At Montana Tech, you will be safe and welcomed while earning a U.S. degree that will ensure that your skills are in demand when you graduate.