How To Apply

Sloan & Montana Tech Native American Scholarship

$32,100 available to qualified applicants!

Native American Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Indigenous Graduate Scholarship Center

The Alfred P.Sloan Foundation Indigenous Graduate Partnership is designed to address the national need for academically prepared Native Americans who can help direct economic development in their communities and reservations and who will occupy future leadership positions in colleges and universities, government and the corporate world.  Montana Tech is pleased to partner with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to offer financial support to qualified Native American graduate students attending Montana Tech in the College of Mines and Engineering. The Sloan Scholarship will provide a qualified student a total of $32,100 over the two year graduate career. In addition Montana Tech will provide a two-year in-state tuition waiver for program participants.

We invite prospective Native American graduate students to apply for admission and financial support in one of 12 graduate programs in science and engineering. Complete the Sloan Foundation Scholarship Application and submit it with your application for graduate studies.This is an excellent opportunity for Native American students to extend their education to the Masters of Science level. For further information please contact the Montana Tech Graduate School by email at or telephone: 406-496-4304.

Graduate Programs eligible for this scholarship:

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