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The   Montana   Tech   Public   Lecture   Series

The Montana Tech Public Lecture Series brings speakers from a wide variety of disciplines to our campus. All lectures begin at 4 p.m. (unless listed otherwise) and are free and open to the public.


January 12

Petr Yakovlev, Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology. Tectonic Evolution of the Tibetan Plateau. NRB 128.

January 19

Ed Schmidt, MSU-Bozeman. Oxidative Stress and Redox Homeostasis in Mammals: Should You Take Anti-oxidant Supplements? CBB 102.

January 26

Paul Gannon, MSU-Bozeman. High Temperature Corrosion in Energy Systems. ELC 202.

February 2

Ed Galindo, University of Idaho. Mentoring American Indian Students With NASA. ELC 202.

February 9

Jerry Downey, Montana Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department, 2016 SME Distinguished Researcher. Development of a Continuous-Flow Ion-Exchange Reactor to Recover Metals from Very Dilute Wastewater Streams. NRB 128.

February 16

Tom Dickson, Montana Fish, Wildlilfe, & Parks. Montana Outdoors: Serving Up Science and Management Information for Public Consumption. CBB 102.

February 23

Monica Serban, University of Montana. Thixotropic Hydrogel-Based Technology Platform. ELC 202.

March 2

Courtney Young, Montana Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering and 2016 Lifetime Distinguished Researcher. Perspectives on Mining Sustainability through Metallurgy. ELC 202.

March 9

Kirk Waren, Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology. Ground and Surface Water Response to Changing Irrigation Practices: A Bitterroot Valley Case Study. NRB 128.

March 23

Marisa Pedula, Montana Tech Department of Biological Sciences and 2016 Distinguished Researcher for the Montana Tech College of Letters, Sciences & Professional Studies. Montana K-12 Students Discovering Viruses to Fight Superbugs. CBB 102.

March 30

Melissa Harrington, Delaware State University. Functional Development of Motor Neurons in Normal and Diseased States. CBB 102.

April 6

Andy Karplus, Café Scientifiqué, Investigative Reporting on Proteins: Getting the Scoop on Nature's Tiniest Machines. Café at 6 p.m., talk at 6:30 p.m. Copper Lounge.

April 13

Katie McDonald, Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology and 2016 Distinguished Researcher. The Precambrian-Cambrian Transition in Southwest Montana: New Ideas Based on 15 Years of Mapping. NRB 128.

April 20

Jill Belskey, University of Montana. Community Forestry in Bhutan and Montana. CBB 102.

April 27

Techxpo: Montana Tech's Annual Design Showcase. HPER.

May 4

Mark Johnson, University of Notre Dame. Becoming Chinese in Montana. CBB 101.

May 11

Josh DeWeese, Montana State University. Hunting Wild Clay Under the Big Sky. Mineral Museum.