Electrical    Engineering
Electrical Engineering
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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical   Engineering

Design and build electrical systems that are the brains of many modern engineering machines with a degree in Electrical Engineering! Electrical engineering is the largest engineering discipline in the world serving nearly every modern industry.  The demand for electrical engineers continues to grow.

Montana Tech offers the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering. Our goal is to prepare graduates for immediately successful engineering careers. Our 84 undergraduate and 6 graduate students enjoy a close relationship with the teaching faculty.


The mission of the Electrical Engineering program at Montana Tech is to provide a quality education that stresses the fundamentals of engineering, mathematics, and science in order to prepare graduates to enter and continue the practice of electrical engineering at the professional level.


At Montana Tech, all of our Electrical Engineering professors are registered professional engineers in the state of Montana.  Additionally, each faculty member holds a Ph.D., has significant industrial design experience, and works on research projects that employ students!


Even before graduation, Electrical Engineering students are IN DEMAND!  Our students are highly engaged and have close mentoring relationships with faculty members.  Almost all undergraduate students:

  • accept a summer internship
  • participate in the IEEE and/or UAV clubs
  • participate in research projects
  • have developed new engineering solutions resulting in novel designs, publications, and patents.

AND, almost 100% of our students accept high-paying jobs upon graduation!


CSCI 255 Final Projects

In CSCI 255 this semester each student participated in a group to complete a final project. The projects ranged from building and programming a line following robot, to creating DTMF tones similar to that of a telephone. This playlist is a compilation of all of the students’ projects. The purpose of the projects were to create a report, video and code so that their project could be easily reproduced by someone who is familiar with the microcontroller. Good Job Students!


Recent Research

Dan Trudnowski, the head of the Electrical Engineering department here at Montana Tech played a key role in the development of a breakthrough for the electrical power grid. To read the full article click here.

Electrical Engineering

Alumni Spotlight

The EE program at Montana Tech taught me how to learn and what to do when something doesn't initially make sense. Electrical Engineering is a challenging program that affords you the ability to learn an assortment of engineering principles. This gift of well-roundedness is something that has allowed me to succeed and continue to grow as a young Electrical Engineer. For this reason Montana Tech EE’s continue to be a sought after commodity in industry.                                                                                                                      -Jacob Workman (Ash Grove Cement)

Alumni Spotlight

Tech gears its courses towards degrees that are relevant in the energy sector, where job placement is superb. Tech grads get good jobs. Tech is also great school when it comes to one-on-one time with professors.

-Paul Pertile, Electrical Engineering, Hazen, ND