Liberal Studies
Liberal Studies
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Liberal    Studies

Seek maximum opportunity for self-expression, self-definition, and self-fulfillment by exploring the Liberal Studies degree.

Receive a well rounded and marketable education in the humanities and social sciences through a program that stresses oral communication, analytical skills, interpersonal communication, group dynamics, flexibility, computers and technology, writing skills, and internship experiences. Develop your intellectual capacity as well as the ability to think analytically, critically and creatively.

By choosing a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies, students will be exposed to an abundance of electives, systematic career planning and assistance in career placement, as well as personal attention from an experienced advisor.

The Faculty of the Liberal Studies Department stand united for the ideals of diversity, acceptance,  and inclusion at our university. We welcome all students to learn to the best of their abilities on our campus in an environment free from racism, sexism, bigotry, harassment, and oppression. We uphold these ideals ourselves, and strongly encourage our colleagues across the university both to uphold these ideals, and to teach them when appropriate to our students as a way to move human society forward.

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Come out to the street in front of Main Hall on August 23 (11-1pm) to have some treats, meet, greet, and chat with faculty, staff and students in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Department (Liberal Studies) and to learn about all of the activities and events planned for the upcoming year.