Healthcare   Informatics
Healthcare Informatics
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Healthcare   Informatics

Health Care Informatics is an emerging specialization in the health care industry that joins the disciplines of information technology, communications, and health care. Learn to bridge the technology transfer gap between those professionals entrusted to provide clinical care and those who manage the complex information systems required to operate today’s health care system. Become trained in a career that marries the technical world of computer applications and the varied environment of the health care provider.

In addition to being an exciting career for the high school graduate who enjoys computer science and is interested in health care, the program is designed to be transfer friendly for a seasoned health care professional who is interested in transitioning into a new arena within this industry.

Montana Tech’s degree is the first undergraduate program in Health Care Informatics in the United States and offers both Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science levels.

Healthcare Informatics

Alumni Spotlight

“Going into college you never know for sure what you are getting into. After changing my major a few times, I ended up graduating in Health Care Informatics. Upon graduation I was not sure what was in store, but the education I received at Montana Tech led me into a great career. I have had some amazing opportunities in life as a result of the bachelor's degree I received. The flexibility of the curriculum allowed me to be a diverse asset in the workforce in an evolving, high demand field. If I had to go through college again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would choose HCI.

Student Spotlight

Montana Tech is innovative. They’re always on the cutting edge of everything, trying to figure out new ways of learning, new ways of teaching, new ways of using the HCI degree in the health care field.

-Randy Hagerman Health Care Informatics
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