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Gary Mannix

Associate Professor,Department Head, HCI

Professor Mannix earned a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Science from Montana Tech. He has sixteen years experience teaching college level computer science and information technology, thirteen years experience in the water utility field, and one year of experience in environmental monitoring.

His experience ranges from engineering and construction to general management and accounting. Professor Mannix holds extensive experience with mini and micro computers including implementation of software relating to accounting, budgeting, future planning, database management, spreadsheets, word processing, environmental monitoring, map and document indexing, GIS, CAD and numerous programming languages.

Some of his projects have included applications in the Laser Eye Surgery field.  One application kept track of Laser Eye surgeries and the results from those surgeries for an FDA Regulatory Consultant. This application was completely menu driven so data entry could be controlled in a user friendly manner. The other application in this field was to set up a complete Visual Basic (Windows) front end that was tied to a database in the background. This application kept track of the results of Laser Eye surgeries from numerous doctors and clinics. It was used to statistically analyze the results for the various doctors and the equipment they were using. This work was done for Clinical Research and Statistics, a company owned by one of the original developers of Laser Eye surgery.

Professor. Mannix has developed a software interface for the Audio Visual (AV) equipment in the new Health Care Informatics Computer Laboratory. The interface program is intuitive to use, graphical in nature, and easy to use. It allows the user to load and save special configurations, integrates access to related applications, provides maintenance and troubleshooting tools, and contains an embedded online help assistant.

He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist.