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Biological Sciences
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Biological Sciences

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Alpine   Ecology

Study ecology in the Greater Yellowstone Area. Yellowstone Studies Center logo

This two-credit course is a partnership between Montana Tech and the Yellowstone Studies Center and provides an intense introduction to ecology in Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Area.

Students will form and test hypotheses about ecological phenomena under field conditions, devise ways to test hypotheses and collect data to support or refute these hypotheses.

The course is tentatively schedule to explore ecological principles at:

  • Chain lakes on the Bear Tooth Plateau (19-20 Aug.)
  • Eagle Creek near Gardner, MT (21-23 Aug.)
  • Beaver Creek near Quake Lake (23-25 Aug.)

Students will study under Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences at Montana Tech Rick Douglass, Ph.D.

For complete information, please refer to the BIOL 451 - Alpine Ecology course brochure and the BIOL 451 - Alpine Ecology course syllabus.