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Academic   Advising

SAGE: Early Intervention Software, How-To

How to Access:

  • Faculty and Staff website, located under "Campus Services" labeled as "Sage Early Alert"
  • ACE website, labeled as "Faculty Login"

Types of Referrals:

  1. Academic Assistance: Alerts support offices (ACE, Supplemental Instruction, Financial Aid, and Career Services) that a student needs assistance/outreach.
  2. Academic Report: Alerts students to their current grade, number of absences, and if in danger of failing a course.
  3. Class Absence: Alerts Financial Aid about students' class attendance.
  4. Disability Services: Alerts counselors that a student needs assistance/outreach.

How to Create a Referral:

  • Instructors' courses are listed on left-hand side under "my courses."
    • Select course and student roster will appear.
    • Individual Referral: Click on student ID, select "SAGE" tab, click "new" and select appropriate referral.
    • Group referral: "Flag students" on "List" menu, select dropdown menu, "flag" and then "show flag."
      • Everyone but "flagged students" disappear. Go to list options, select "create new sage referral" and select appropriate referral and complete.

Additional Resource: Select student ID and select "History" tab to view ACE support visits and/or private appointment visits.